Round Rock emergency dentist

Round Rock Emergency Dentist

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At our endodontic practice, we specialize in saving teeth. If you have a traumatic injury to a tooth, you can do no better than to contact us at Martin Endodontics where you will be seen by our expert Round Rock emergency dentist, either Dr. David Martin or Dr. Justin Nelson.

When you have a tooth that has experienced a traumatic injury, it is important that you contact our dental practice immediately as time is of the essence. If you do not receive treatment in a timely fashion, it greatly reduces or eliminates the chance that the tooth can be saved. If this occurs, you will need to get a dental implant or a dental bridge to replace the missing tooth. Two common types of traumatic injuries are when a tooth is either avulsed or dislodged. When a tooth is avulsed, it is completely knocked out of your mouth. If this is the case, you want to try your best to locate the tooth, pick it up by its enamel, and put it back into its socket if possible. If not, you can safely bring it to our office as instructed by our staff. Simply contact us and let us know that you need an emergency appointment with our Round Rock emergency dentist. At that time our office staff will give you complete instructions on how to safely transport the tooth. In many cases, teeth can be reinserted, however, you will need to have a root canal procedure in several weeks to save the tooth. When a person has a dislodged tooth, it means that the tooth has been inadvertently pushed up into its socket. There are many times when our endodontist can safely reposition the tooth, thereby saving the tooth. However, again, it is likely that the tooth may need to have a root canal procedure performed several weeks later to completely save the tooth.

For an appointment to meet with our Round Rock emergency dentist, simply contact our office and let us know you need an immediate appointment.

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