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Cracked Teeth in Round Rock

A cracked tooth presents a vulnerability because the nerve inside is exposed. Sooner or later (often sooner), an infection will take hold, and you will either need root canal therapy or the tooth will be so damaged that the only option remaining will be for you to have it extracted. Here at Martin Endodontics, we urge you, our valued patient, to seek attention for a cracked tooth immediately from our Round Rock emergency dentist. There is absolutely no benefit to waiting.

Your tooth has protective layers that keep it shielded from the danger of bacteria, but when it becomes cracked, those layers are breached. A crack may be obvious, where you see it and/or feel it, but it’s also possible that you can have one and not be aware of it at all. If you notice a cracked tooth, even if there is no pain yet, you should be seen by our Round Rock emergency dentist. A cracked tooth that has not become infected can be remedied with a crown. First a temporary one is placed, and then a permanent one is made from impressions taken. Later, it is cemented to the tooth to restore its barriers against the elements that can cause problems. Any damage to the pulp inside, including infection, will result in root canal. If so, you can be assured that our Round Rock emergency dentist is a specialist in performing the procedure. You should expect very little to no discomfort at all, and the treatment is designed to remove the pulp and nerve, and then clean and seal the canals. Your tooth will remain fully usable, and after a permanent crown is added, it will look just like any other tooth.

Keep our number programmed in your phones, and use it right away when you have a cracked tooth. We’re here to help.

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