Root canal in Round Rock

Root Canal in Round Rock

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When you are suffering with an infected tooth, it’s reassuring to know that there is a treatment that will not only provide you with relief, but that also has a high success rate of saving the tooth. At Martin Endodontics, you’re getting the benefit of specialized care, along with advancements such as digital x-rays and microscopic technology, so there every reason to be confident about the outcome of our root canal in Round Rock.

Symptoms that are typically associated with an infected tooth are pain when you chew or apply pressure to the tooth in any way, temperature sensitivity such as when you drink hot coffee or eat ice cream, swelling, tooth discoloration, and gum tenderness. Not everyone experiences all of the above, but the appearance of any should bring you in for an examination to determine if you need our root canal in Round Rock. It is important that you don’t wait to get the proper care. The chances of keeping your tooth dwindle if treatment is delayed, which could ultimately force a tooth extraction. Why go through the trouble of replacing your tooth when you can keep your natural one? And while a tooth extraction is surgical, our root canal in Round Rock is not. There is no cutting of gum tissue, no stitches, and no bandages. The top of the tooth is drilled off under local anesthesia. The infected pulp and nerve are removed, and then the canals of the tooth are cleaned, disinfected, and filled. This process minimizes the chance of any further infection. Successful treatment occurs in over 90% of instances. The healed tooth is restored with a dental crown, giving you back the normal appearance, size, and function.

We encourage you to call us right away so that we can have you seen by our skilled endodontist at the earliest opportunity. Your tooth is worth the effort.

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