Endodontist Office in Round Rock

Endodontist Office in Round Rock

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Endodontic Retreatment in Round Rock

The best way to understand what endodontic retreatment means is to think of it as re-doing the original root canal therapy procedure. There are some differences, but that is essentially true. And here at Martin Endodontics, you’re getting the specialized care that can only be provided by an office dedicated to such treatments.

There is a confidence inspiring success rate for root canal therapy, right around 90%. That’s excellent, but as with any type of procedure, it is simply not possible to guarantee that there won’t ever be an issue. Some are even beyond the ability of our endodontist office in Round Rock to control. There are three possibilities that can occur when a root canal develops complications. The least appealing one is that the tooth will have to be extracted. When that happens, you end up with empty space where a viable tooth used to be, and the consequences of that include a less attractive smile, shifting teeth, discomfort, and possibly less efficient chewing. An apicoectomy or root end resection is used in some cases. Both of the above are surgical. The simplest way that our endodontist office in Round Rock can address the problem is with retreatment. This involves removal of the crown you received when the original root canal was completed to gain access to the inner tooth. Since the pulp and nerve were already removed, you don’t have to be concerned about them. The filling material that is there will be taken out, and an inspection of the canals will commence. During the cleaning of the canals, sometimes a previously hidden one will be revealed. After cleaning and disinfecting, and once it has been ascertained that there are no further concerns to deal with, the canals are then resealed. You’ll need a new crown at that point to restore the tooth to full size and appearance.

A complication from previous root canal does not have to be a big deal. Contact our endodontist office in Round Rock to schedule an appointment.

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