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Emergency Dentist Round Rock

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Emergency Care for Avulsed or Dislodged Teeth in Round Rock

Emergency Dentist Round Rock
Emergency Dentist Round Rock

An avulsed tooth is the complete displacement of a tooth from its socket. A dislodged tooth has been completely pushed out of its socket. An avulsed tooth and a dislodged tooth are dental emergencies and require immediate medical attention. If you experience a traumatic tooth injury, you need to contact an emergency dentist Round Rock dentist immediately.

If you are seeking a quality endodontic practice that can provide you with emergency dental care for an avulsed or dislodged tooth, you’re in the right place. Our emergency dentist Round Rock at Martin Endodontics is full equipped to handle it. Avulsed and/or dislodged teeth require the immediate attention of an emergency dentist Round Rock. A dislodged tooth is pushed partially out of the socket. Our doctors might be able to reposition or stabilize your tooth with a splint and if the pulp is health, most likely no other treatment will be needed. However, if the pulp is damaged, a root canal will be needed. An avulsed tooth is completely knocked out of your mouth. If you have an avulsed tooth, it’s crucial to seek treatment immediately! It’s important to keep the avulsed tooth moist and if possible put it back in the socket. A tooth can most likely be saved if it remains moist. You can even put it in a glass of milk or water (add a pinch of salt). Although every case is different, most likely our doctors would need to perform root canal treatment. You’ll be in excellent hand at Martin Endodontics. We specialize in endodontics and treat dislodged teeth, traumatic injuries, avulsed teeth and cracked teeth. Our other services include: root canal treatment, endodontic retreatment, and apicoectomy.

If you have a traumatic tooth injury, avulsed, dislodged or cracked tooth, don’t wait. Contact our office right away so we can get you in to see our emergency dentist Round Rock as soon as possible. One of our associates would be glad to help you when you call. We look forward to helping you.

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