Emergency dentist in Round Rock

Emergency Dentist in Round Rock

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Feeling like your about to pass about from the excruciating pain throbbing from your tooth? Don’t endure it any longer. Decide today to do something about it. Or…see how long you can hold out. If you’re going to proactive route, don’t waste another second and call Martin Endodontics and swing by our office to meet with an emergency dentist in Round Rock.

Finding the cause of a toothache can be tricky—since many factors can contribute to this discomfort. It can range from cavities, an infected root, all the way down to a traumatic injury. Dental avulsion is a byproduct of a tooth injury. Some of the symptoms include: jaw tenderness, chipped tooth, facial swelling, gum bruising, malocclusion, temperature sensitivity, bleeding from the broken tooth, and gum laceration. How exactly does a dental avulsion happen? A fair question. Dental avulsion is—essentially– the displacement of a tooth (due to sustained trauma) from its socket within the alveolar bone. It’s best not to leave your health to chance by choosing to toughen through the discomfort. If anything, that’s a surefire way of allowing for the problem to get worse and wreak havoc on your smile. Why let it get to that point? Especially if you can just get the problem resolved by seeking out a professional. With that said, don’t waste another second dawdling in uncertainty. Make the decision (today) to take control over your dental fate. All you have to do is reach out to Martin Endodontics for treatment from our emergency dentist in Round Rock.

Hear that? It’s the ball… and it’s in your court. All you have to do is shoot Martin Endodontics a call or an e-mail—whichever works for you. Her amazing staff will then promptly help you schedule an appointment. And you’ll finally meet with a first-rate emergency dentist in Round Rock. Couldn’t be easier.

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