Emergency dentist in Round Rock

Emergency Dentist in Round Rock

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Emergency care for Avulsed teeth in Round Rock

Every one of your teeth is important and serves a purpose in the overall goal of having a beautiful, healthy smile. Sometimes, the loss of a tooth is inevitable. But there are also many times when a tooth is in jeopardy due to the trauma caused by an accident, emergency, or a physical altercation. That’s when you should turn to us at Martin Endodontics, where we have the expertise, the experience, and the equipment to save your tooth. And while there are no guarantees, what is certain is that the sooner you get to our office, the better the chance of the desired outcome.

There are two states that a tooth can be in when it becomes loosened from its socket from some sort of force. If it is still physically attached, it is referred to as dislodged. And if it no longer has any connection to the socket, it is avulsed. Our emergency dentist in Round Rock will take prompt action. But you need to do something before you get here. Immediately place the tooth into warm water with a pinch of salt, or in a container of milk. If the tooth does not retain its moisture, it will not remain viable. Call our office, or have someone do so for you, to ensure that we are prepared for your arrival. Our emergency dentist in Round Rock will examine you and may also take x-rays. Root canal therapy is typically necessary for avulsed teeth, after which it is placed back in its socket and held in with orthodontic wire or a plastic splint while it heals.

Maximize the likelihood of keeping your natural tooth even after it has been jarred free of your mouth. Contact us right away and we will have you seen by our emergency dentist in Round Rock.

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